Husband Screams Over $300 To Breast Cancer

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Side 1 says... We were fortunate enough to get a class action lawsuit settlement for about $300 for something I never thought we'd be in. I was the one who sent in the info to the lawyer when they asked if we wanted to be part of it. He didn't.

Since we got this check and weren't expecting it, I decided to do something good with it so I donated it to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. And my husband yelled at me for doing it.

He says they are completely corrupt and I just wasted $300 on a charity! How do you waste money on charity??? They are a big organization and wouldn't be so big if they were so corrupt. My mother had breast cancer and I fully support it so I feel I'm doing a good thing and he comes along and makes it look like I'm stupid for wasting money on them. Even if they aren't the best organization, they help all kinds of women with cancer so I'm still happy but I don't appreciate him yelling at me and thinking I'm stupid for caring about other people.
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Side 2 says... All she did was give money to their already greedy ceo. Not many a "charity" can claim their CEO makes $684,000 a year. I've heard about it so I made sure she understood how they spend their money (wikipedia). MOST of the donation money is used in operating expenses. It is absolutely ridiculous.

I didn't want the money to buy a blu-ray player or anyhting and I don't think she's stupid for donating money to charity, but I don't think she should just give money to a charity without looking into the charity first. There are plenty of breast cancer research charities out there who actually give the money to the people need it. I would have figured she'd learned her lesson when we watched the "homeless" guy leave in a BMW an hour after she gave him $10 to eat. I guess he's a reputable charity because he has a sign.
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