Keeping My Car Clean

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Side 1 says... I eat fast food a good bit on my way to work. A lot of the time I don't have enough time or hands to grab my garbage from the backseat. It usually sits there for a week or so but never longer. My husband yelled at me yesterday because of it to the point of me crying. I don't mean to leave it there but I am always carrying bags or just forget about it and then forget about it the next day so it kinda piles up but that is no reason for him to be mean to me about it. I'm a good person but I foget to clean up sometimes. He's not right.
Added by est1981 (female)
Side 2 says... She has it so rough. Too many bags to carry into the house after shopping. She shouldn't be eating in the car anyway. It's a new car to us and it's been detailed once. Now it smells like old french fries. That's just a smell you can't get rid of. Plus she spilled a coke in the back seat on the floor and now there's a stain. Totally avoidable.

I can yell at her about it because this isn't the first time. Or the second time. Or the 10th time. I've been saying it off and on for a good year and she keeps doing it. So it was time. I bought the car. When she pays for it or anythign for that matter she can do with it what she wants. I've been more then fair.
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