Oldest Daughter Won't Leave The House

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Side 1 says... I think this is more typical in boys where it's frowned upon if your son is 30 and still living at home but I think now it's time to talk about daughters doing the same thing. Like my daughter.

She is 31, has no job, and isn't even looking for one. She's given up. She gets by doing social things because guys will take pity on her buying food or drinks because they know she doesn't work. We are not helping the situation.

She went to a big college, has a degree in communications, and isn't able to commuicate well enough to get a job! She has no drive whatsoever.

I am not being mean. I am being realistic. I know it's tough to find a job these days but it's a heck of a lot tougher when you're not even trying. She says she is and she tells dad this all the time who believes her. He's easily manipulated by her. All she has to do is turn on the tears and he'll throw her some money or pay her car insurance for the car we make the payment on.

I love my daughter but she's lazy and I want to kick her out so she's not so reliant on us and help her fend for herself but my husband thinks it's ok. I really think he is just waiting for her to find a guy that will take her off our hands by marrying her. He's enabling and it's making me angry. He needs to stop being a pushover. Time to let her go out into theworld!
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Side 2 says... I feel bad for our daughter. Our son is very successful resident doctor right now and she feels inferior. She's had some missteps along the way and she is depressed right now. I think she uses other boys right now as a crutch giving her that little flicker of hope that somebody wants her. I think it's a testament to her will she doesn't just go marry one of those guys she goes out with because they all have money. She told me they would be terrible husbands and fathers. In an instant she'd be out of her situation and not even have to worry about working. She doesn't do it because she is stronger than it.

I don't mind her living at home. I enjoy seeing her. She's still my little girl. It's a bitch out there finding a job. We let her get the wrong major I'm sure though.

Her time will come but until it does, I'm fine with her still living under our roof.
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