Where To Spend Thanksgiving Is The Issue

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Side 1 says... We never had the problem before because his family has always been too far to go for such a short stay like Thanksgiving so we'd always gone to my family's since we've been married and then split Christmas. Well this year his parents have moved and are now closer to us than mine which is great for the kids. But now it adds complexity to our holiday. My parents are expecting us and since the rest of my brothers won't be there this year they will be alone if we don't go. His sister and husband are flying in and his brother is driving in to his parents' house so they won't be alone. I think we should still go to my parents this year because I don't want them to be alone but my hubby thinks we should be going his since we've never been for Thanksgiving and it's gonna be everyone there.

Our parents don't get along so invtiing my parents to his parents is out of the question and splitting time always makes me feel like my parents are judging me. I think we should keep the tradition and it'll be easier to split next year.
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Side 2 says... I'm tired of making sacrifice. I also get to see my brother and sister and their families if we go to my family's dinner. I've offered the suggestion to have her parents have dinner the day before or the day after but she's saying it's breaking tradition.

I think it's an obvious choice that we should do that and go to my family's house for thanksgiving. My parents didn't always have people with them on the actual day. I think hers will survive.
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