Too Tight With My Sister

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Side 1 says... My husband has much more in common with my sister. She's into cars and tattoos and that's his thing. I hate both. Well I don't hate them obviously since I married him and he has a bunch of tattoos, but they aren't my thing. I don't want them. My hubby decided he'd go with my sister because she wanted a tattoo on her inner thigh right up in her area.

He watched it happen and thought it was ok.

I didn't know where she was getting it but I thought it was ok for him to go until I knew where. He also said he was there when she got the one on her side near her boob and she was topless during it.

This is unacceptable to me and I can't believe she has no problem allowing my husband in there watching this and not thinking about how I'd feel about it. I'm more than pissed and he thinks I should be happy he and my sister are such good friends. I don't like the inside jokes they have and laugh about things I know nothing about. She didn't even invite me when she got the tattoo. I'm mad.
Added by sunshineluv (female)
Side 2 says... We've been like this since we've been together. She's always been jealous of the bond I have with her sister. I love her and i'm only good friends with her sister. we have never done anything sexual and i feel like she's my sister. Boobs are boobs and I saw hers. No biggie. Wife's are much nicer. She wasn't invited because she's been invited before but has never gone so it got tired to ask.

She needs to get over this. It's been over 5 years of these fights. I think if she could take back me meeting her sister she would and i would never know her. oh and her sister has a boyfriend for many years. he was there too. I'm sure if something happened I'd come home with more than a smile cos he's 2x my size.

Whatever. 5 years is long enough to fight over this so either learn to like tattoos or let me be friends with your sister without the guilt trip.
Added by LevelUpper77 (male)
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