The Case For Having A Family

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Side 1 says... We're in our mid 20s and we haven't had our lives turn out the way we hoped when we got married. the economy made my husband lose his job and I wasn't working so we blew through all our savings and unemployment.

Now we both have stable jobs and are slowly workign back. OUr whole plan was to have a baby by the second year we were married. He's changed his mind and doesn't want to have kids for at least another 5 years to get back in a better position.

I think something is always gonna come up and he'll keep pushing back. Plenty of parents start with very little. We can do this because we'd be good parents. I am fine with not having nice things. I just want a baby. :(

It'd be an amazing Christmas present if you could convince him it's a good idea to at least start thinking about it again.
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Side 2 says... I'd love a kid someday but that day isn't now. We did luckily both get jobs this year but how secure are they? Maybe I'm being apprehensive since I just went through a long period of no work and no money and that was stressful enough with just the two of us. But to have a baby and go through it? I'm petrified of it.

We can wait. I want to have some money set aside before we go ahead with a family. Talking about this has caused us a lot of fighting recently and it's tough when we both want different things. I just happen to think mine is more logical and we can't live on emotion like she wants us to.

I hate it everyday things didn't turn out as expected. But such is life. I just don't want to be in this position or worse in another year. Our jobs are good. Between us we make $110k but we're still loaded with debt. I'd like to pay it down. Babies are expensive.

I realize she gets a lot of pressure from family because they always ask about us trying for a baby and she's making excuses. She gets mad and it always leads to a fight. Here family is in no position to help us and neither is mine.

All we have to do is wait it out.
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