Breastfeeding A Toddler

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Side 1 says... First off the kid isn't ours. He's a little over 2 and a half and is still getting breastfed by my sister-in-law. I find it gross and a little disturbing. Anything with a full set of teeth is too old to be doing that...especially if they are formulating full sentences asking for it. I couldn't believe when I saw it over the holidays. He asked for milk and I thought she was going for a sippy cup and milk from the carton in the fridge. Nope - she just pulled it out and fed him right there. A little cockeyed because he is now so heavy it's hard for her to hold him in one arm and feed without leaning over.

But my wife (her sister) is completely ok with it and says she would do it with our kids if we ever have any. She said her mom has done it with them and they turned out fine and she doesn't think it's weird either. Am I wrong here? Is this normal?.
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Side 2 says... I don't find it strange at all. Studies show the more you breastfeed the smarter the child. I am pretty smart. All my siblings have advanced degrees and the sister in question is a doctoral candidate in behavioral sciences.

Even if it's not the norm, so what? Why does a stigma have to be considered normal? We develop all differently and my family sans husband believe in acceptance of natural over formula babies for however long they will take it. Growing up, we each made the decision we didn't want breast milk anymore and our mother switched to solid foods.

I won't let my husband chastise my sister or talk down on her decisions because they are just that - her decisions. Her husband is fine with it.

The location was in my parents house so the only uncomfortable person was in fact my husband.
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