Buying Flowers For Our Apartment

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Side 1 says... My boyfriend thinks it's a waste of money. I think it makes the place look and smell better and it makes me feel better. I think buying flowers just to make me feel better is worth it enough. He won't even buy them for me for my birthday or anniverary or valentine's day because they are still a waste of money becvause they die and are only good for less than a week. Is this wrong of him to be so stingy?
Added by jasmine4 (female)
Side 2 says... When you spend $20 a week on flowers for our apartment when we don't even have guests i think thats a huge waste of money. we could go out to eat on that or just save it all year and go on a trip. She doesn't want to buy fake flowers cos they don't smell like real ones. But she has candles all over so I don't see the big deal. I stilll think its a waste of our money.
Added by racer89 (male)
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