Coupons Are Too Hard For Her

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Side 1 says... She is the one who does the grocery shopping 90% of the time and that's because she doesn't work so she has the time to do it. ask her to use coupons every chance she gets. I am not asking her to be like those people on tv who go nuts with them and make it a job to save with coupons but we get coupons all the time. She doesn't use them. She doesn't look for coupons on onlline sites or google for coupons when she buys food or anything else online. She doesn't compare prices with other stores. She's throwing money away all the time and it pisses me off more because she has the time to do it.
Added by jdoe89 (male)
Side 2 says... I do coupon all the time but I don't look for every single deal all the time. That would take forever! For every store we shop I have a store perks card and I use it and usually get the discount at the register. I always buy the 2for1 or bogo offers if I can save the money and we use it. I think he thinks you need to actually clip coupons these days and take them to the grocery store.

I tried a bunch of times but everytime I did the coupons didn't work. That gets old. So yes will use a coupon when I can but I'm not going out of my way to try and save a buck. My time is valuable also. I have to cook and clean and have daily chores that just because I don't get paid for doesn't mean they aren't valuable. But I can only do so much.

It doesn't matter anyway because no matter how much I try to save, anything II spend he is going to get mad about because he is super cheap.
Added by radiantbestie (female)
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