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Side 1 says... Hello! I just bought a super soft set of sheets online that were 1200 thread count for close to $200. I know that's expensive but i figured we are in bed sooo mush it seems reasonable to spend that kind of money to be extra comfy. My husband LOVES them. Then I told him the price and he yelled at me and said I had no concept of the value of money and shouldn't be allowed to spend OUR money. He set up a new bank account and is having his work paychecks deposited there and then auto-transferring enough to our joint account to cover bills coming from there plus money for groceries and fun. The rest he is in control of.

I think this is crazy. I don't work and now I am getting an allowance. I understand the sheets were expensive but we definitely can afford it. These are the first sheets I've purchased since we got married 3 years ago so if these last 3 more years, it's like $70 a year on a luxury where we spend 8 hours a day. I think it's crazy to get mad over that but even crazier to move our money into his own account!
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Side 2 says... This is not the first time she's made big spends. She does it plenty like when she bought a $1,000 oak crib for our baby. We aren't planning on having any more so it had to last a little over a year. It's not even a convertible so it dones't trn into a toddler bed. How much does she think we'll get for it when we sell it? $100? That's a waste and only 1 example of what she does.

She is right. I make great money. But going off and spending on things over $100 without consulting me first is unacceptable. I've told her plenty of times I was going to do what I did and I finally was a man of my word. Now we can save and I can retire (just like her stay-at-home-mom retirement).
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