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Side 1 says... I am living in a sexless marriage. My wife is no longer attracted to me apparently because she finds better things to do than have sex with her husband. Last week we hit a full year. I couldn't believe it myself when I realized how long ago it was and it made me both upset and mad. I don't understand why either. I haven't let myself go and we're even better off than last year but she is into me less and less. And she will admit it. She says she still loves me but she just doesn't feel like having sex or get the urge.

I asked to open the marriage.

That opened a shitstorm of swearing like I've never seen before. To even mention the idea was cheating in her eyes. And nothing was ever going to happen unless she was on board. I have needs too and I don't know what else to do because I am still in love with her.
Added by foixgras (male)
Side 2 says... I've been depressed for a while now and am taking meds for it. A side effect is no libido. I don't want sex - not with him or anybody else. But to think he would rather want sex with someone else than to sympathize for my medical condition infuriates me!

This is our only problem. Otherwise, we are fantastic together. So to even think about it boggles my mind. I don't understand how he thinks it is an option. It saddens me and I think we need counseling over this. I will NOT open my marriage because of something I cannot control.
Added by specialkindoflady (female)
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