If He Strays I Won't Stay

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Side 1 says... I have no sex drive anymore. It almost makes me sick to have sex anymore and I don't know why. Ever since I went through menopause I have experienced it and it's just something I can't even fake for him.

I know it's selfish of me because I can't give him what he wants but I can't do an open relationship. We've fought about it and I said I'd leave if he'd ever do anything behind my back.

He says he can't take it anymore and has given me an ultimatum of 6 months. I really believe nothing will change but I really hate the ultimatum he's given me. I think we're both wrong iin a way but for him to throw away 26 years because of sex is more wrong.
Added by waterjen (female)
Side 2 says... Let me explain. I still love my wife and I'm still attracted to her. I do have needs though. I need sex - not often but I need it at least once in a while. We haven't had sex in over 3 years.

I've tried to get her drunk. I bought pills for her to try (which she never did). She doesn't even use toys on herself.

I need something to give. If we opened up our marriage, it'd only be for sex. Not feelings. I am not looking for love. I have it. I just want to be with someone else besides myself. I gave her more than six months but I'm dying here. I could just cheat and do it behind her back and she'd likely never find out but I want to be honest and up front about it. Something's going to happen. It's just a matter of time. I'm sorry about the ultimatum but I have no choice.
Added by red999 (male)
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