Using My DVDs As Coasters

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Side 1 says... My wife lets the kids use our DVDs and CDs like coasters and they're getting all scratched up. This is only one thing she allows them to do. She also lets them eat on the carpet so now we have ketchup and grape juice stains. The carpet is old and we are replacing it but I was thinking in a few years. Now it's going to be mush sooner because we can't have people over with how bad it looks now. There's a lot more but these kids are destroying out house little by little. I am at work and I can't be the only one to discipline after work or I look like the bad guy. I want her to change and take some repsonsibility and not be just a pushover.
Added by jobe11 (male)
Side 2 says... I am doing this for a reason. The DVDs are garbage movies. They are full of sex and violence I don't want the kids to see.

It wasn't even the kids who made most of the stains. I just want to replace it! It's shag carpet and it even feels gross to walk on it's so old. I think people would understand more to see stains in the carpet because they would become fixated on why anyone would still have shag carpet.

I just can't get my husband to spend any money on us. These edge him on and seem like the only way to motivate him into doing anything. And I guess we wouldn't use the dvds and jus use the floor if he would just put them away in the first place. At least the kids pick up after themselves.
Added by chiiiilies (female)
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