Pretending To Care About Me

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Side 1 says... I've become really good friends with Jesse and I thought it was going somewhere. We have all the same interests. He buys me food at lunch even when I don't ask. He does things that are things guys only do for girls they like. We hang out on the weekends, watch movies and go out to bars together. Since we started hanging out our group of friends became close so now we are all intertwined together and have one big group.

Then he asked one of my best friends out! He never mentioned it to me and I didn't even know until they went out. She at least could have given me warning but she didn't either. She told me it would be better to try it out and if it didn't work and they didn't like each other to never mention it again. I told her how much I was into him and she was supportive. I don't wnat to share with her and this is all wrong now. Everyone could tell I have a thing for Jesse and they were all shocked because of how we were together.

I'm mad at both but I'm very mad at Jesse because he led me on. We flirt all the time. He even sends me facebook messages about sex and how it'd be fun if we weren't such good friends. Who does this?

I can't even face my friends now. I feel like such a loser. I just want to know why Jesse would do this and if he was wrong to do it. I think he made a big mistake and now I can't ever be close to him again even as a friend. And my friend is the same way. We can't hang out right now either. I'm sad...
Added by grinchly (female)
Side 2 says... I will accept to do this but I don't feel like I did anything wrong. We flirt but that's just the way I am. I flirt with everyone adn am the easiest going person to be around. I always make people laugh. She's one of I'd say 6 close girlfriends I have. But none of those girls I have ever touched or plan to. We're just friends. I think some girls just read into things way too much and I don't understand. She found out about Gwen though my friend because we both weren't there the same night they were going out. She text me 15 times each one freaking out on me because she was smashed. Then 11 in the morning to say sorry for the 15 the night before. Then more pissed off ones.

The thing is I don't want to date anyone seriously. I am attracted to both of them but I figured trying something with her would ruin our friendship because I didn't want her to get attached if we did actually have sex. I hope she can get past it and forgive me because I never meant to hurt her but I just wanted to have a little fun without consequence with her friend. Guess it didn't work out.
Added by wellthissucks (male)
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