This Is OUR Day, Not Our DOG'S Day

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Side 1 says... I love my fiancee. I love my dog too. But the dog has no business at a wedding. She is not a person, she's not even a child. I know that my fiancee loves her, but I want the focus to be on us, not our dog yapping in the corner or whining because she's not allowed to run around. And besides that, I think having a dog in a wedding is cheesy and ridiculous. Our dog gets enough attention at home -- I want our wedding to be about each other as a couple, not as the owners of a pet.
Added by MichaelC (male)
Side 2 says... My fiance and I are getting married next year. Both of us are pretty mellow about the whole wedding planning and have agreed on almost everything so far about what we want. Expect one thing. We've owned a dog together for the last two years and she's like our kid, at least until we have a real one. I really want our dog to be a part of the ceremony -- I'd like her to go down the aisle with a simple flowered collar and then to sit with my brother while the ceremony goes on. After the ceremony is over, I totally want her to head back home so that we can party like adults. Seriously, she'd be in the wedding venue for, like, 20 minutes, max. My fiance is very, very, very against it. He thinks it's cheesy and that a dog doesn't have any place in a wedding, even ours.
Added by Amelia (female)
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