All I Want To Do Is Work And I Need My Brother's Help

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My bro is older then me and more responsable but i have always loved him and done all i could for him. I asked him to use his car because my car broke down and i can't get to work. so i'm gonna lose my job if i can't get to work.

He doesn't even drive his car. He drives a work truck all the time! It just sits in his garage and he only uses it maybe once a month or not even! i even said i would pay for it but i don't have much money and he's not being nice about it. I make a lot of mistakes but i try and i want to do better but he does not see taht and will not let me borrow his car.

if I had money I would give it to him if he needed soem and if I had a spare car I would definitly give it to him to borrow even if he didn't pay me. I feel like he wants to keep me down so he looks better to our parents. at this point i am struggling and can't make it without help!

Added by spaceballOG (male)
Side 2 says...

I'd never have an issue lending my brother money or my car if he ever showed me he could manage it and not waste it on stupidity. I've given him plenty before and I've helped him out of binds before.

It's time to say NO. I can't help him anymore. But here's our actual conversation he had about the car. You can decide for yourself.

Added by stblues2019 (male)
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