Forgiving Student Debt Will Cause The Next Civil War!

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I hated Trump. Despised him. To see him go was so satisfying and yet now I'm completely being fleeced into believing Biden cancelling student loan debt is going to help the economy. And I just can't wrap my head around it.

It blows my mind that so many people believe these people deserve a handout when there's absolutely zero accountability for taking out these loans, no apparent restrictions on which majors would be considered forgiveness (come on - Art? Sociology? Gender Studies?), and no way to exclude the fiscally irresponsible. As bad as PPP was, this is worse!

How can the argument be made where some kid gets a marketing job straight out of school making more than I ever did in my career-best year who goes out and buys Teslas, iPhones, $12 craft beers, and pays the minimum on their loans and we're supposed to feel bad for them while the hardworking laborer who can't afford school has to pay for this through taxes? This all makes not sense and this is really the only argument that needs to be made. It's not fair and it's going to piss off more that it helps.

Should we pay back credit cards? Medical debt? Car loans?

The worst part is the absolute selfishness I'm seeing which sparks my anger. This same reason is why I post this so my dimwitted neighbor who's a 27 year old with lots and lots of student debt tells my "just because you paid for your daughter's college doesn't mean ours shouldn't be forgiven! That's just being selfish." No, little guy, that is absolute garbage talk. I paid for my daughter's school by refinancing our house and adding those payments to it...which I pay and continue to do so. I'm almost done paying them. Finally I'll be free but it sure as heck wasn't easy. I'm driving a 15 year old sedan when I could have a new car if I WASN'T responsible.

I did this for my daughter and I realize that many don't have that option. BUT SOMEONE ENDED UP PAYING REGARDLESS!! I absolutely would do this for my daughter. If your parents didn't for you it's not my problem. But who is going to end up paying for your forgiven loan?

Me. Screw that.

Added by pickledegg67 (male)
Side 2 says...

His hatred for the idea to eliminate this student debt burden from over 30 million people is unbelievable. Why is it so hard to believe we want to have a life someday?

I am not the person he knows who got a Tesla or an iphone. I have a samsung and an old pickup. I can't qualify for a loan for anythign better because of my credit. And on top of that I lost my job for 4 months only to replace it with somethign that pays $20k less.

All i want is to have a chance. Not everybody benefits at first but they will when I can get out of my hole, get. a loan and buy that new car. All the people in that supply chain benefit - the salesperson, the dealership, the manufacturer, the people in the auto plant, the companies selling parts to the manufacturer, those people working for those companies, the people who sourced the raw materials to build those parts. Multiply that by millions of products and millions of people wanting those products. There's so so so many people who would benefit. But somehow he doesn't and that's the problem which is why I don't understand where it's selfish on my part but not his?

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