Religion And My Atheist Fiance

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Side 1 says... Religion is a big part of my life. I'm from the South and my family and I have always gone to church at least once a week. My fiance is an atheist. We have a problem.

I accept the fact that his beliefs are the way they are. My family doesn't, but they'll have to get over him because I love him. The problem is the actual wedding. My family wants it in a church (as do I) and he wants a shot-gun wedding or just to elope to Vegas.

I've expressed my deep need and how important a church wedding is but he is being stubborn. I think that since he is an atheist he shouldn't care and just suck it up, appease me and my family, and let me have my spiritual moment. Plus, it would also help grease the rusty wheels he already has with my parents.
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Side 2 says... I don't believe we need to have our wedding in a church. All we need legally is the marriage certificate from the state. That's it. Where we get mattered doesn't matter. How we get married doesn't matter. Just that piece of paper.

I am against going to the church for the wedding because it's her parents pushing for it. If I let her parents make us get married in the church, then they will know they have control over her any time they want. This doesn't sit well with me.

I don't particularly like her parents. I think they're phony. I love her and I deal with them because I love her. But they won't have any say in what me or my future wife do!!!
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