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Side 1 says... My husband and I seem to fight alot sometimes. When we do he always tells me to leave. I always tell him no. He always says lets get a divorce, I say no. I will not break up our family. It hurts so bad when he says this. I always say not to say it anymore but everytime an arguement happens, he always says it. We got into an arguement a couple of days ago. He said he was going to get a new cheap pair of glasses, nothing added on, because his broke. We don't have the money to throw out on extras on glasses. well, what does he do? He gets the anti glare on there. So instead of having to pay under 100 for them, we had to pay over 200 for them, with insurance too. I was so ticked off. He refused to go change them before they got them done. We haven't really talked much since, and this was a couple days ago. He said it was his fault because he doesn't have a job. I know he was hinting at me though, because he works, I stay at home with the kids. We have tried counseling, but was told we should see one together. We need one to come to the house, but the one never came a few different weeks she was supposed to, so he gave up on her. He said we will be fine without one that we wasn't argueing alot. So, I put it off, and haven't looked for another. Then when the fight happened over the glasses, he brings up the counselor, and acts like it's my fault we aren't seeing one. I said no, you said we didn't need one. I am so tired of him telling me to leave and lets get a divorce over every little arguement. I don't know what to do, he won't stop. We haven't been argueing much, but when we do, he always says that and it gets to me and he knows it, and I get so upset and mad. I don't want to leave. I don't want our family broke up. I love him and I love my kids, and I just won't do that. He just makes me feel like crap. He has also called me a B in the past a few times.
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Side 2 says... everything is right that she said. We would be able to spend more if she worked. I do tell her to leave all of the time, because I never know when she wants to leave. I have offered to help her find a new man.
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