Money! Money! Money! It's All He Cares About!

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Side 1 says... I like to shop and I think we both make enough money for us to be able to spend a little extra on ourselves every week. He is so tight, though, that I can't stand it!

We're been engaged for 8 months with a wedding planned for December. He is already requiring me to give him a weekly spend report and he wants to know exactly what I make. He's already set up who is paying what bills in our relationship.

He does all this yet he has stopped taking me out to places like restaurants. The last time I saw a movie in the theater I had to go with my friends back in March!

I also buy clothes for myself that he scoffs at. If I buy $150 pair of jeans he goes irate. The way I look at it is I will probably have those jeans for years.

He says it's just to save for the wedding and that it will change after. But my parents are paying for most of it!!!

I don't know if he'll change and he'll always be over my shoulder watching what I'm doing with money. Do you think I should worry?
Added by HappyGoLucky (female)
Side 2 says... Jordan doesn't understand something. She spends like she has a problem. Her parents never showed her how to manage money. She has debt - school loans, $5,000 (already) on a credit card, and a car loan.

We graduated from Texas a year ago and my current job pays $32,000. She makes $28,000. We aren't in a position to blow money on $150 jeans.

On top of that we want to have a baby within the first year.

She just has to realize what things cost. I want to get out of our apt and into a house within the next year too.

Please tell her to wake up!
Added by IamRIGHT (male)
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