Not Enough Attention

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Side 1 says... Kristen doesn't give me enough attention. She's so caught up in the Olympics right now we haven't been intimate in 2 weeks. When I press the issue, she gets all huffy.

I just think there should be a balance. She never shows compassion for me no matter how much I show her.

She's into all sports though and I really can't stand them. We don't have any common interests other than our music tastes. Still though, I think opposites attract.

Mentally and physically, I just don't think she's there for me. Or should I just wait til the Olympics are over to judge. We've been together 6 months.
Added by roughPATCH (female)
Side 2 says... Heidi is such a drama queen. I like things that she doesn't. Sports is a big issue between us...and it shouldn't be.

I go to the movies all the time with her to see dramas (which I hate) but I do it for her. She just doesn't get that it's a two-way street. I do for her. She does for me.
Added by dollarHater (female)
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