Unwanted Hair

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Side 2
Side 1 says... I'm sorry baby. you know I love you but there's the one thing I've asked you to do that you haven't.

My wife is wonderful but she has a bit of a hair problem in the wrong areas. It's common for all women but she is olive skinned and dark hair, so it's a little rougher than say a blonde. Anyway, it's just her leg hair. She doesn't shave enough. She'll do it only if she's wearing a skirt or dress but not for me.

In bed it kind of turns me off. I'm not for that natural look. Aside from that, she's perfect. She just won't think of me enough to get rid of it. I'd just like her to do it cos I think it would make our sex life better!
Added by chulo (male)
Side 2 says... I know you don't like it honey. That's why I do it. Why am i like this? Because you don't shave anything! It's gross. You're Italian!!! Big black nasties everywhere! But that's not it. You don't clean it up when you shed. All over hte floor. Everyday. You think you're thinking of me?

The thing about you is you need to tell everyone EVERYTHING. You make fun of me for not shaving with your friends so i get a little revenge by do it. you think i'm completely sweet but i have my mean side.
Added by babybossy (female)
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