Bachelor Party Guy Trip Suspicions!

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Side 1 says... A few weeks ago, my husband went on an all guys trip for their last single friend's bachelor party. The trip was only 2 nights but it was to a big party area. 4 guys and nothing but drinking...

When he got back, I could tell he was being nicer than he usually is but he was also fumbling over what he was saying when I asked him what went on. he said none of the guys did anything. He said he didn't even talk to a single girl.

However, one of his friends and I have been very close as friends and he told me more went on. I confronted my husband on it and he immediately said John was bullsh*tting and lying cos he wants me. I don't know what to believe.

I think he cheated and I'm giving him the cold shoulder while I find out more details from others. He keeps denying it but I find him secretly texting and talking to people he said is work related. He's lying!!

Should I be pissed???
Added by nikki69 (female)
Side 2 says... I never lie to my wife. We did a hell of a lot of drinkin' up there but we never fooled around with any girls.

I confessed I danced with a few and we hung out for a while but I never saw them after like 10 o'clock...and what really could happen before that?

It was just nice to get away with the guys but then I have to come back and deal with this? She's called all my friends, all my friends' wives, and pretty much everyone she could link to that weekend. What did she come up with?

Added by IliveinChiTown (male)
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