Drive Me Home

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Side 1 says... Whenever me and my gf go out to parties she hardly ever drives home. Instead I'm the one that drives home and she's the one who is able to drink and have fun. I plan things with friends ahead of the time but she ruins them by makin me drive, also she never wants to stay the night so we both can have fun.
Added by bean (male)
Side 2 says... I am more than willing to drive home if he asks me to. When we head out our cars are parked right by eachother and he pulls out HIS keys and we drive in HIS car. It's only when we get to the party that he lets me know he wanted me to drive home. If he had said something sooner I would have been more than happy to compromise. Him not asking me to drive symbolizes that he doesn't want to drink and he wants to drive home.
I hate staying the night at peoples houses because I would rather sleep in my bed than a hard couch or the floor.
And I didn't ruin his plans I told him ahead of time if the party was at this persons house I would drive home and if it was at this other persons house I wouldn't drive home. He had fair warning. Oh and it seems my boyfriend is under the assumption that he can't have fun if he's not drinking.
Added by lady2 (female)
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