Nightclubbing Is Hurting Our Relationship

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Side 1 says... I'm a bartender (obviously) and I met Angel while I was working one night. She came in with 3 girlfriends and she never left her stool. We talked til I got off, went to get breakfast, and started seeing each other exclusively after a week.

It's been about 7 weeks and I always have to work weekends when she's off. She goes out still but instead of visiting with me she goes off and I have to watch her flirt and dance with other guys while I'm working. It's affecting my work because I'm getting jealous, not talking to drinkers as much...

On top of it all, I have to drive her home and she's usually so wasted I have to spend half the night in the toilet holding her hair back wile she pukes instead of having sex.

She's hung over and mean during the day. This is our only QT usually and it sucks.

I think she should be laying off the drinking and get our relationship back in line.
Added by bartender (male)
Side 2 says... I admit I do get drunk when I go out but I don't do it nearly as much as he is telling. He makes me sound like a mad alcoholic!

I drink maybe 5 drinks when I go out and I get a nice buzz. I've thrown up 2 nights in the 8 WEEKS we've been dating...not EVERY night.

What? I have to sit at the bar and not talk to anyone while he works and flirts with other girls. He says it's just for tips but how do I know? He's a big flirt and plus he's good looking as all hell. I should be the one worrying.
Added by HaloMaker (female)
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