He Kissed My Friend.

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Side 1 says... My friend, that I met last year, wanted to go out last weekend. I kept telling her that I didn't really feel like it and I wasn't up to drinking. Well she kept hounding me on Friday until I finally said yes but only if my husband could come along because I have more fun when he's with me. We hung out all day and decided to go somewhere that my husband or I had never been. Well I got a little to drunk because it was like she kept throwing drinks in my face. She encouraged my husband to drink more, so he did. He said up front that he didn't want to be DD and wanted to get drunk because we haven't gone out in almost a year. I was like no problem, I don't care. Well more and more she would hang out with him and not be dancing with me. I was by myself for most of the night while they were on the sidelines watching and whispering in each others ears. They thought I was to drunk to notice but I was fully aware of everything they were doing. It was about 3am and we went to this one bar in there and I got up on the stage and was dancing and she was supposed to be right behind me, well I look out and there she is with my husband's arms around her and she turned around and kissed him. I jumped off that stage and went up to them and slapped him in the face and then took off. She tried to act like nothing happened and denied it. I walked to the car and as we were walking I took my shoes off and beat him and her in the face with my shoes. When we got to the car I beat her once again. She then took off leaving us stranded and 45 minutes from home. Mind you, when all this was happening my husband did not say one word. He didn't try to defend me or ask her what the heck she was doing or anything. I kind of think that more than a kiss happened because they disappeared a couple of times to "go to the bathroom together" but he swears it didn't. Easy to say, right? So I am so hurt by this and all he can say is I was so drunk and acted stupid. I've always told him that she had a thing for him and made him aware of that. He knew that but I trusted him and just knew he wouldn't let anything happen.

So now is this something I can get over and move on from or not? I don't know, I am so hurt by this, I don't even know what to do. All I can think about is seeing that image in my head of them kissing eachother.

I had a lot more to drink than either one of them however I knew what was happening and would have known if someone kissed me. But he swears that he was to drunk to know or remember anything. By the way, he went along with the kiss and kissed her back. He didn't bother to ask her what the F she was doing and it wasn't just a peck on the lips either.

He has been very apologetic and swears he didn't do it to hurt me that he didn't know what was happening. He tells me that he loves me very much and wants us to be able to work this out. But can it be?
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Side 2 says... As my wife said, we did go out Saturday night with her friend. I am a Soldier so i have always had to be the responsible one and not drink so i could drive. so since i wasn't driving and have not been really drunk in a few years, i wanted to get really drunk. So i had two beers and around 11 Gin and tonics, way more than i should have had. When i dissappered i was trying to find the bathroom that was one bathroom shared by two clubs. it took me a while to find it and a while to find my way back and work my way through a shoulder to shoulder crowd. The whispering in the ear was due to the music so loud that was the only way to talk to anyone, and we were mainly talking about how we had never seen my wife dance with other women and how we had never seen her so drunk and act so loosened up, and about how it was a nice club, and also about trying to all of us go to an AC/DC concert. I really don't remember having my arms around her friend and as far as her friend kissing me and me allowing it to happen, it was just a very stupid drunken mistake which i feel like a total ass for, and i know being drunk is not an excuse, but i know i would not have done it other wise. when they were fighting, my wife was winning till they fell on the ground and i kept telling them to quite and stop. I really do love my wife and wish this stupid event hadn't have happened, but it did and i can't take it back. But i hope we can get past it like we have other events in the past.
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