Curtains: Keep Them Closed Or Open???

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Side 1 says... So my husband and I have a disagreement on when to keep the curtains to our home opened or closed. I have always opened them in the morning and kept them open during the day while I am at let natural light in. My husband however feels the only time they should be opened is when we are home, he fears that someone will be able to look into our home and rob it. I say they are going to rob from us regardless if our curtains are opened or closed. I have talked to several people as well and they open their curtains before they leave for work. My husband says that who ever does this is stupid. What do you think?
Added by Jesslynn414 (female)
Side 2 says... Open. Who robs in the middle of the day anyway? Someone too stupid to think to look in the "open" curtain-windows.

In the winter, keeping them open will naturally heat your home too... allowing you to spend less on your heating bill.
Added by nats (female)
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