Never Offers To Cook, Clean, Or Shop

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Side 1 says... My hubby never lifts a finger in our house. He feels since he is the primary breadwinner he shouldn't have to do anything when he gets home.

I also work 40 hours a week as a secretary. After dealing with my boss, I have to come home to another one who expects dinner on the table when he gets home (he only gets home a half hour after me, so I have to prepare it the night before or in the morning).

My weekends are filled with his laundry, ironing, cleaning the house, cooking, and watching our kids while he watches sports and talks to his friends on the phone.

I think there should be a little give and take and he should help me.
Added by baresALL (female)
Side 2 says... I do make most of the money. I pay all the big bills - the mortgage, the cars, the insurance, the taxes. She gets to shop with her money.

I think I deserve to relax a little bit when I get home. I know I could contribute more but I do other things. I coach my son's baseball team. I really only watch football and college basketball so the summer's are pretty open and I help more then. We do things together.

She is just very needy.
Added by SexyCat (male)
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