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Side 1 says... After having been friends with my boyfriend we started dating. I am so in love with him I can't stand to be away from him for a second. I do trust him and I am sure that he is always telling me the truth. He is an honest man.


After we dated for two months, he had to go to South Korea on a business trip. Late one evening, the company took him and his colleague out for dinner. This was a business dinner.

After a few minutes around 10 girls came in (my boyfriend was there with around 4-5 other people). Each of the businesspeople had to pick one girl to be their waitress. After another fifteen minutes the girls did lapdances... so the girl my boyfriend picked to be his waitress did a lapdance on him.

My boyfriend agreed to the entire lapdance, but she wasn't allowed to unbutton his pants. His colleague let his waitress unzip his pants.

They all had two lapdances before the evening was over.

When my boyfriend got to the hotel around 2 in the morning or whatever the time was, he MSN:ed me and said something like "hahahahaha, guess what happened, i had a lapdance, it was so freaking bizarre and totally ridiculous, hahahahaha".

I didn't get pissed off then. I did get pissed off when i thought about it. Really pissed off. I considered ending the relationship. But since we are both really in love I decided to give it another chance. THis was around half a year ago and I am really happy with him... BUT... I still cannot really forgive him for the lapdance. I think it's really skanky and really stupid and I never thought that my supercute boyfriend would ever be okay with a lapdance from a prostitute. I just don't know if I will ever be able to forget this and put it past me.

When I confronted him at first, he didn't understand at all why i was pissed off. After a while he started to get the picture.

I made the comment that if I had been there, he would never have had the lapdance because he would then have felt like he was cheating.. but since I wasn't there, it was easy to go along with the lapdances.

When I made that comment, he finally understood that it isn't okay to do stuff just because I am not there to see it... and then he got extremely sad and I think for now, he is more sad than I am about the whole thing.

I feel he was wrong... and I just can't forget...
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Side 2 says... I went to this business dinner and all of a sudden, the lapdancers came in. I thought it was bizarre and funny. My girlfriend and I had been joking that there are so many redlight districts all over the place and she said that I should at least see what one of those places look like. I did. I didn't find it interesting at all, but more so just funny and stupid with all those girls looking totally bored and dancing around poles. My colleague and I laughed and went to see boxing instead.

Then we got to this business dinner and the lapdancers came in. I felt a bit unconfortable but at the same time funny. I coldn't wait to get back to the hotel to tell my girlfriend about it and we would both have a good laugh.

I told her... she didn't react at first but when I got home from my businesstrip a few days later, she was extremely upset and considered ending the relationship. I really panicked. I had finally met the girl of my dreams and here we were about to split up because of something this stupid. I honestly didn't understand then that this could hurt her. I feel disgusted by myself that I hurt hur because I hate to see her crying. I would rather lose my job than hurt her again. The next time we are taken to a business dinner like this, I will politely tell the girls to dance if they want to but not in my lap. I will do anything to make this relationship work and even though it seems as if my girlfriend has forgiven me, I will never forgive myself for jeopardizing our relationship.

I do think she thinks about this still and I don't know what to do. I want her to trust me but I realize I have to earn her trust back again. And I am willing to spend a lifetime earning it back.
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