Never Flushes The Toilet (Not Lazy - Cheap)

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Side 1 says... My husband is constantly complaining about little things in our house that annoy him and he drives me nuts with his cheapskate ways. So much so, my kids and I aren't even comfortable living here.

Probably the biggest problem I have is him coming home from work and picking fights over lights. If there is more than 1 light on or a light using more than 1 bulb is on, he bitches at me or yells at our kids.

Another thing he does is not flushing the toilet. Why? Because it's not yellow enough. He believes that if you pee, you only have to flush it every three. WHAT!?!

We live in PA and winters are cold. He turns the heat down to 58 degrees at night when it's in the teens out. You can literally see you breath in the morning.

So cheap we just can't live comfortably. And he won't change. My friends agree but he thinks they do cos their my friends.

He's nuts.
Added by DivorceBound (female)
Side 2 says... Hollie doesn't know the value of a dollar. She thinks money grows on trees. My parents always watched their money and saved the same ways.

I'm trying to save for the future and our retirement.

She'll never get it. Her friends don't have any savings. They all have credit cards and bills.

She'll understand one day.
Added by ILoveHer (male)
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