My Fiance Is Choosing His Parent's Dog Over Me

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Side 1 says... My fiance looks after his parent's dog whenever they go travelling which is, on average, four months out of the year. He believes that this trend should continue after we are married. I have expressed my feelings that I choose not to have a dog of my own because I do not want to take care of one. I do not want one in the house. I do not want that responsibility. I looked after my own very sick dog for four years (he had diabetes and required an insulin shot twice a day), I did not leave him with anyone, I never even went on a day trip in those four years and the day he died I said that I would "never get another dog again." My fiance is well aware of this but says his parents will be free to vacation as they please for as long as they please and we will be taking their dog, period. I am also never told of these vacations until the dog is practically on my doorstep ready to be looked after for weeks on end. I have told him that no woman (or man for that matter) would want a future where they have no say in what or who comes into their home, no say in what they do while they are in your home and no say in how long they will stay in your home. I have suggested that his parent's have a few choices...1) they can stop taking vacations and stay home to look after their pet. 2) they can put the dog in a kennel when they are away and stop making their son choose between them and his future wife. 3) they can at least shorten their vacations to maybe two weeks max. out of the year
4) they should take the dog with them on vacation. You should also know that this dog will be succeeded by another dog and another and another for as long as his parents are alive and I will be required to welcome these animals into my home with no say in the matter at all. Should I proceed with this marriage or am I buying into a life of heartache? If my fiance cannot see his way to making me happy on this one point, how on earth will we face life's other great challenges together?
Added by Diane (female)
Side 2 says... My parent's moved to my city so that I could looked after them. This includes looking after their dog whenever they go away. My fiancee has to realize that she is not just marrying me, she is marrying my family and should do everything to become part of that family. She has to understand that I view that dog as almost my own and will never put her in a kennel if I am available to look after her. I look after the dog most of the time she comes to stay anyway so I do not understand what my fiance is complaining about. By the way, the dog "tinkled" a bit on our new couch and my fiancee made a huge deal over it. She now says the dog makes a mess when it comes over and she will not have her house ruined by my parent's dog.
Added by Brian (male)
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