Labor Day Fiasco - His Family Or Mine?

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Side 1 says... Both our families are having cookouts. The problem is that they live too far apart to go to both. Since we spent 4th of July with his family, I think we should go to my parents. He disagrees.

He thinks my family is boring and has a better time with his (obviously who doesn't). He said if I decide to go to my parents' cookout I can take the kids and he'll go to his parents alone.

It's not right that he gets to choose where we go all the time and he never compromises. We've been fighting over this for the past week.
Added by misinformed (female)
Side 2 says... Don't listen to her. We ALWAYS go to her parents house. Every Sunday after church. We've seen my parents 5 times all year. least 30.

She is an only child and used to getting what she wants. I just wanna go to my parents and if she doesnt' like it, then tough.

She can fight me on this, but come Monday, we both know where I'll be dear.
Added by RockItOff (male)
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