Decoy Cookies In The Cabinet? So Annoying

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Side 1 says... My lovely husband and I love to eat snacks. He has a tendency to put empty containers of cookies back into the cabinet. He even goes to the extent of placing the package in so the open side is in the back, thus appearing there is a full, unopened package of cookies.

I then see said cookies and start to salivate. I reach for them only to find the package is lightweight. Darn... fooled again....

He claims they are a decoy. Not sure of his reasoning, but very annoying none-the-less. Please tell him to stop. =)
Added by Jules (female)
Side 2 says... Yes, I place these "decoy" packages back in the cabinet, but that's because my wife is always in my business and keeping inventory on everything I eat. She'll make a comment about junk food being missing and how I shouldn't be eating it because of my weight. When I get up from the couch or go someplace inside the house, I'm always asked where I'm going and why. I see these inquiries as an invasion of my privacy.

She shouldn't be concerned if I get into the cookies or the chips and this is why I am compelled to hide the evidence of my eatings.
Added by Nesbit (male)
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