Flowers For Everything

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Side 1 says... We fight a lot and every time we do, he buys flowers and thinks that's all he should need to do to make things right.

We fight over all kinds of things...
- who to go out with
- what to eat
- what to wear
- where to go to eat

You name it. He starts to dig at me for my weight if it's about food or what to wear. If it's where we go, it's a dig on my makeup. He creates a low self esteem for me and I wish he'd understand that I would rather him not do that than give me flowers!
Added by SquirtMcPeepers (female)
Side 2 says... Another case of overexaggerating women! I recommend ideas for her on what to wear and how to dress. She will come out of the bedroom with a shirt that's way to tight for her body style and jeans that are too low. Instant muffin top.

I don't mind her weight at all. It's just she's drawing attention to herself in a negative way and it reflects on both of us.

She can also go overboard on her make-up. Looking like a whore going out with super bright red lipstick and blue eye stuff is not for me.

So I said something about it. I'm not plastic. I tell it like it is.
Added by DodgersFan57 (male)
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