Switching Of The Household Chores Double Standard

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Side 1 says... My wife always complains I never do some of her chores for her. She wants me to clean the toilets, vacuum, and scrub down the showers.

So I offered...if she would mow the lawn, wash the cars, and paint the fence. She said "those are man chores." C'mon. That's a complete double standard. If I'm willing to do hers, she might as well try mine. She says what I want her to do is too hard.

But I offered...
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Side 2 says... Here's a list of his chores: wash cars, cut grass, paint when needed, and trim shrubs.

Here's a list of MY chores: cook daily, vacuum, clean floors, clean bathrooms (sinks, floors, tubs, toilets), wash clothes, iron clothes that I wash, buy groceries, watch the kids, run errands, and dust.

His might be a little harder but they certainly aren't daily and he hardly has as many. An yes, they are man's chores. I don't think him running the sweeper equals me cutting the grass. I just think he should take a few AWAY from me!
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