Should We Get Back Together?

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Side 1 says... My boyfriend and I had been dating for about a year and a half and although we had the typical arguments we were still very much in love with each other. We had talked about marriage and he was "saving for a ring". Then, in late May, he freaked out and decided he needed to "see other people" and "see what else is out there" before he could settle down. I was devastated but was able to move on. Before long, we were both dating other people and had very little contact with each other.

Then, in mid July we started talking again. It began innocently enough but quickly turned into "I love you and miss you" and sleeping together. We both agreed that we missed each other but it didn't feel like the "right timing" for us to get back together so we each went on with our independent lives. That lasted about a month before we felt like we just had to see each other again. And again, we decided that as much as we still loved each other the timing wasn't right.

A couple weeks ago we started talking again for the 3rd time since we broke up. He told me that he felt that he was always "being drawn toward me" and that he could hardly remember why we broke up in the first place. We've been sort of "seeing each other" since then and it feels as perfect and blissful as it did in the very beginning.

He still has doubts about whether or not we should "end up together" and is reluctant to commit to giving it another shot despite how happy we've been lately. I think that despite all of our issues, we are lucky to have found someone who we love so much and click with so well and the rest can be worked out. I also think that we'll never really know unless we do give it another shot to see if it will work and if we don't, we may spend the rest of our lives wondering what might have been....
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Side 2 says... First off, I won't disagree with how Jen describes the past few months. It's factually correct, and even leaves out details that would make me look bad. I do love her, and I'm mostly happy when we're together.

My concerns are that she tends not to understand what motivates me and makes me happy (or if/when she does, she tells me it's stupid). I absolutely love being in the mountains. Any time of year, whatever the conditions, whatever the activity, I'm happy to be in the mountains. I don't care about doing great things in my career; I just want something that's easy, keeps me interested, pays well, and gives me lots of time off to spend skiing and climbing.

The main reason I'm hesitant to jump back together with her is that we had several near-misses with breaking up during the time we were together. It's hard to remember why at this point in time, though I think it was mostly me being afraid to not see what else was out there, combined with the fact that given her career choice, she (we, if we're together then) will have to move somewhere we won't know until it's time to go, and there's a good chance it won't be near the mountains (although Jen is very flexible with what locations she'll go after, for my benefit). I also just started a job that, if I'm still there at that time (very likely), I'll have a month of paid vacation a year that I would have to give up.

I do love Jen, I'm just not sure if I can handle the forced move, along with risking the other things that caused us problems in the past.
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