Farting In Public

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Side 1 says... I know a nice girl called lisi. She is really cute and I like her a lot. However, each time we go out together, she starts farting in public - and then she blames me in front of everybody. This is so embarrassing and starts to cause me sleepless nights. But I don't want to lose her. What shall I do?
Added by eischi (male)
Side 2 says... The girl only occasionally starts farting in public (usually after the guy dragged her into a restaurant which is specialised in garlic, soya or onion food). But the girl is no shaggy - when the heavenly smell starts spreading, she raises her hand and shouts: That was me!

In contrary, the guy never admits that he just was the smell bringer, but he passes silently wind after wind.

Probably the girl should never go out with him anymore. NO guy - no fart. What do you reckon?

Added by lisi (female)
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