Always In It For Himself

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Side 1 says... I think this may be a common problem amongst us women and the men in our lives. My guy is no exception. He never thinks of me during our bedtime activity. In and out and that's it. No foreplay. No cuddling. Nothing.

He doesn't try to hold back and let me have mine. We may go for at most 5 minutes but that usually isn't enough for me to get there. And when I say I'm almost there, he still doesn't try to hold back!

I just think he should start caring about me at least once in a while. Only few of my past relationships have ever actually waited for me to finish before they did. If my guy would just do this for me, I probably wouldn't even be bringing this up.
Added by happyyesterday (female)
Side 2 says... I really wish I could keep going but I lose it for myself every time I try. If I wait too long, I can't finish and it hurts.

I know she needs more so I try to compensate with all kinds of different positions, oral, and whatever else I can think of. I just have a problem of holding back.

I'm not selfish!! I don't think she realizes how much losing it and not being able to finish for a guy actually hurts and I mean real constant stabbing pain!

I will keep trying for her but I can't make promises I can hold off for the good 30 minutes it takes her to get into the mood to have her orgasm!
Added by YourGuy (male)
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