My Partner Goes To The Pub All The Time!

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Side 1 says... I am a Swedish girl who has been dating an English guy
for nearly 7 years. He is lovely in every single way-very
caring and the best partner a girl can have. BUT! we have
quite a big age gap between us and he still has his old fashioned ways left.

In the UK a man back in the sixties went to the pub nearly every day after work and the habit is so deeply stuck in him that is nearly impossible for him to change. He goes to the pub for 2-3 hours every saturday and sunday and then he makes up arrends to go to the pub during weekdays (only for 1 hour) I want advise if its wrong of me to react to this and if I should try to accept it? I just react so strongly on it and just wants him to stop!! It would be ok maybe once a week but that would be impossible as I have tried to put this demand down on him before and it did not work...

He does not have a drinking problem as he never gets drunk so this is not really the issue.. I am just scared he will meet somebody else when he is out and it does not feel right when we have a child that he goes to to the pub this often... Am I reacting too strong and should I try to live with this on a daily bases?...I just have a bit of a hard time trusting him as I now that he met a barmade in his twenties which he left his wife for. I know this is really old news and that a person changes and that he has not done anything to make me think he is cheating. Second of all he is back in the house with me 24 hours except this hour he spends in the pub and 2-3 hours in the weekends..I know for a fact he is only in the pub and not seing anybody else for this hour as we have moved a lot and the same thing happens in any city we are in.

Am I the person doing wrong here and should I let him
continue??? We fight about this nearly daily now as he is making up arrends and I get angry and accuse him for
going to the pub... I have tried to come to an arrangement that he should go only saturdays and sundays but this didnt work as he made up excuses to sneak away instead...

Please give me advise on what to do here!! Am I too controlling or do I have a reason to react?
Added by Amelia1 (female)
Side 2 says... I have over and over explained to my girlfriend is only to socialize I go to the pub and to watch football. It means a lot to me and I have done it for years and I find it to be redicilous that I have to stop just because she cant trust me. I am not doing anything wrong and I spend the rest of the evening with my girlfriend.
Added by Paul1 (male)
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