Losing My Best Friend To His New Girlfriend

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Side 1 says... John is my best friend, we dated in the past for about 8 months on and off, but that was a while ago. I'm now engaged to someone else.

When I started to see my now fiance I was very considerate of John's feelings, as we had both been single for our entire friendship with the exception of the time we dated each other. I made sure to spend time with John as we always did, I also was careful not to throw my new relationship in his face as I was aware that he did still have feelings for me. I put a lot of effort towards this as did my fiance and everythings worked out very well.

Now John has gotten into a relationship, quite quickly, and is not extending any of the considerations I did to him. I hardly see him at all, and when I do he brings his girlfriend and ignores all his friends while he makes out with her in a corner. She's not very social, and although we have all made an attempt to get to know her she doesn't seem interested.

John thinks I am acting "crazy" and shouldn't expect him to take my feelings into consideration. I of course, disagree.
Added by Angela99 (female)
Side 2 says... You're engaged, why don't you bring your fiance out with us more and then you can have a date there too. My girlfriend's schedule is very busy as she's a single mother with two children. I only get to see her every so often and lately those days happen to be when we all get together. You should ask me to hang out more when she's not available if you don't like her.
Added by John1977 (male)
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