Getting Sperm Tested.

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Side 1 says... We are trying to get pregnanent, to overcome unplessant surprises we have desided to get my sperm tested. We went to the doctor and get a form and a cup to put it in. Now i think since it's never a problem to get sperm out of me when we are making love it would also not be a problem to get it out of me thogether when we have to drop it in a cup, why should something clinical like this not be romantic as well? She has a problem whit it she thinks i must do it my self, this even while we first taked about doing it together and she also wanted to do that.
Added by Konijn (male)
Side 2 says... I am a very busy woman, it's a small efford, he must do it himself!
And if he does it himself it's faster.
I remember the appointment was that he would do it himself.
Added by sterretje (female)
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