Enough Family Drama Already!

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Side 1 says... My DH (dear hubby) is a very kind-tender hearted man
who has a family that treats him like crap! They don't deserve him, but whatever. My DH would never stand up for himself with his family- although he'll get nasty with me without any regret.
There are lots of stories and issues where his family has been rude, disrespectful and treated him and I (and our child) badly. (His parents even told US to tell our child they were DEAD!) This story is regarding his Brother. (younger by a few years)
Last Summer (august) R (DH brother=R)decided to marry his gf of about 2weeks. Within 2 months a wedding was planned and took place in Oct (not yet 1 yr ago) I was accepting and kind, friendly welcoming to "K" (Sis in law NOW) After their Honeymoon I let them borrow our phones (theirs were stolen-cell, no land line) (OH Yea...they happen to live next door-) Gave K an open invite and emailed her several times to invite over. She never responded with any friendly gestures, no invites over to her home, and barely took me up on my invites. Dec. she tells us (at Bowling Alley) that she is pregnant. I email her several times after that night to see how she's feeling and again offer -extened open invite to my home anytime,ect.
No response and well, I read on her myspace page how she sent all her family updates about pregnancy- but not to me or my hubby. Still no prob.
Easter she decides to ignore me. That continued until she delivered baby. She basically banned us from seeing baby adn finally after my mom in law talked to her- she let us visit. I kissed butt....Made sure to offer my assistance, stop by with snack-drinks,ect. Last week she tells me I ignored her and am only interested in baby..bvlah blah blah-- I nicely said "did you get all your issues out?" She said she thought so and would call me if she thought of anything else!
I told my DH I was DONE. Done getting treated badly by his family. (I been w/DH over 13 yrs) I treat his brother like my own and do alot for them! My hubby then tells me we should work it out with them.
My point, why? They hate us, or at least Sis in Law hates me! And Brother in law won't stand up for us...so why bother, been there and done that! I say tell them to have a great life and stay the F*** out of ours!
I also think I have taken the brunt of the anger issues and my DH should be more protective of me, or at least stand up for me and demand his brother treat me with respect or there is nothing to work out. END.
My hubby will play peace maker and end up kissing a$$. Errggg!
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Side 2 says... She is correct that my brother hasn't treated her as well as she has treated him. My brother also has not told his wife that she isn't be fair or acting appropriatly.
My point is we are family and we should work this out!
Its true my wife has been kind and welcoming and has tried to be friends with Sister in Law. Sis in Law is b!tc$. BUT if wife tells them f off and tells them she wants no part of them anymore all her efforts at being nioce are wasted.
I also love my family and want to think we can work it out. Yes, brother has done nothing for us, he isn't involved in my childs life, but that shouldn't mean we should act the same!
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