Just Left Me

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Side 1 says... I was out over the weekend with my bf, we had a lovely dinner and had a few drinks afterwards, I brought up something that i had a problem with, he got really annoyed(that fight has been resolved now, he admits he was wrong to get annoyed about it) but what happened next is what I'm annoyed about, i walked off because he was having a go at me. a while later, very upset, I phoned him, he had after going home. he had left me in town at 2 in the morning, quite drunk. he didnt even phone me to see where i was, or if i was ok, he was not that drunk by the way, when i phoned i was crying. I didnt go home that night, i stayed with a friend. he went to sleep and didnt realise i wasnt there till morning. he rang me several times in the morning,but i wudnt answer. He texted me,told me he was in town,he had come in to find me, so i agreed to meet with him. he's very sorry for what he done but i'm stll hurt over it. he really didnt care what happened to me, he used to care when he say me that upset.he says that he just got annoyed , he did this once b4,i didnt really make a fuss but this time i was very annoyed/upset, i was ready to end it. but I know i dont want to do this really. I am over reacting? i dont think he would have done this earlier in our relationship, going out 3&1/2 yrs now.
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Side 2 says... I've told Her that I love her and I'm sorry for doing what I did but she isnt able to get over it just like that. I texted her after she called and told her to get a taxi home like I did. I left a key out under the bin for her where i presumed she'd find it and i went to sleep on the couch. i was annoyed with her for bringing up this argument we'd had b4, we'd never really discussed it because i always get angry because i regret it. I dont think she understood that I regretted it. she doesn’t mind now that I said i regret it so thats not the problem. its just the leaving her on her own thing in town, i didnt tell her i was going, i didnt try to contact her at all. i just presumed she'd come home. And I didn’t see a problem with that at the time, still prob wouldn’t if she didn’t react the way she has.
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