She Cheated With Her Boss! She Has Cheated Before

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Side 1 says... Whenever I catch my wife cheating she swears it was only a result of being bipolar, that it was her evil twin sister and she will get help, medicine whatever it takes to
save the marraige. We have one child who really puts a damper on her going out with friends to drink all night and not come home. This is really the reason I think she doesnt want me to end it as her Mom will not be her babysitter.
She would rather lie than tell the truth and most of what she says is a lie. She is also in "Suicide" mode as a ploy to prove how much she is sorry and can't live without me. BUT she always does it again. The most recent story is with her new boss at her new job. He says they have been dating, she denies it of course, she'll be gone all night ,ignoring my calls
and lying about where she has been. the first night she said she was in Jail. I checked...lie. the second time..she said she was with a friend ..Her friend refused to cover for her..and of course all the texts from her phone to her new boss-Taylor
saying how much she wants him. I have the texts, I have the audio, I have witnessess..friends of mine who see them together drinking at the bar and call me. I moved out and called a lawyer.Now she wants forgiveness again and her mother is afraid she will harm my child and just left a message on my phone saying to please come get the baby
or she will call child protection to save the child. And if she kills herself it'll be my fault. She says she'll quit the job but she won't.
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Side 2 says... For one i had some drinks with my boss big deal...some skank he knows saw us together and called him cause she wants to screw him...if i have to quit my job big deal for me I could care less..yeah i developed a small crush but I never acted on it he's my boss & if any of you saw him yall would know what i'm talking about it would be like dating the lucky charms troll...i love my husband very much & will do anything to fix my marriage & yeah i went to luch a few times cause we had the same break but I never slept with him and would want to because someone I work with told me what a small penis he had..sorry only big dick for me..not only that but hes my fucking boss....get over it...a drink whoooppp dee do
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