Smoking Gun

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Side 1 says... Is it ok for food to smoke when you are cooking it? When my partner cooks she does it on the front burner on high heat, when you walk into the kitchen there is smoke everywhere! She says that when you fry food it is normal to smoke. I've asked her time and time again if she could at least use the back burner. I do love her very much and am wondering what I should do? Is it ok for food to smoke when you are cooking it?
Added by Happyday (male)
Side 2 says... My side of the story is that while cooking dinner if there happens to be smoke coming from the frying pan. My partner loses her mind. She starts freaking out and swearing. She starts turning off the element and moves the frying pan to the back burner, where she miraculously thinks that it won't smoke any more. Then she starts going on how the toxic fumes are going to fill the babies lungs and kill the family. I make good food and she likes eating it, but she complains while it's being cooked. 99% of people are grateful to have their meals cooked for them. I think she should pick her battles and eat at a soup kitchen!
Added by Cookie (female)
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