Wife Allowed 17 Year Old Daughter To Go To Calif

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Side 1 says... The morning after our 17 year olds birthday party my wife allowed and facillitated our daughter to get on a plane go to california (we're in Illinois) with her boyfriend to stay with his parents that we've never met. Without even asking me what I even thought about it. When my daughter wasn't in her bed, I called her cell, no answer, called her boyfriends cell...he hung up. Called the wife and she would not answer. Finally got the truth out of my son two days later. She was gone a week.
Added by GoodHusband (male)
Side 2 says... The father of this child actually wants to know where she is at all times !!! He even got Sprint Family Locator so he can spy on our children !! When I was out of town our daughter got arrested and he found her at the police station and she didn't even call him !! If I had told him that she wanted to go away with her boyfriend he would have said no, or there would have been a spanish inquisition, he would have wanted addresses, phone number and actually wanted to talk to the parents !! 17 and 1 day is close enuff to 18 and she should be able to have all the freedom in the world !! Needless to say I did file for a divorce and out daughter did get a tatoo and run away for 5 days ( I knew where she was the whole time) and has turned 18 and doesn't speak to her father and probably never will.
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