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Side 1 says... I've got a roommate named Warren. He's one of my closest friends. One of the many games we play is debating things that are rather inane. When I found this site, it seemed like a perfect place to settle a debate that has recently gotten rather heated.

Our most recent debate focuses around the movie "Fever Pitch" (2005 starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore). Specifically, the argument is if the movie "Fever Pitch" is a chick flick or not.

My argument is simple: this movie is WIDELY considered a chick flick. While I have to admit, I've never actually seen the movie (I'm a guy), I have consulted many of my friends and they all unanimously agree with me (as I'm hoping you will). I saw the trailer when the movie came out and was surprised that this was even debated.

Warren's argument was that "Fever Pitch" is about a RELATIONSHIP between a man and his team, not just a man falling in love with a girl. In my humble opinion, Warren just using the word "relationship" when describing the movie robs him of all credibility. For heavens sake, the movie's tagline is A Comedy About the Game Of Love.

Other things to consider "

- Just because the Catholic Church refused to acknowledge the world is round, this doesn't mean the world is flat.
- He is a GIANT Red Sox fan (so his opinion of the movie is heavily biased)
- Drew Barrymore isn't terribly attractive (he can't use the well, the girl was hot argument)
- One of the DVD Extras is titled "Love Triangle Internet Featurette"
- Similar movies per Netflix "Hitch," "50 First Dates," "Failure to Launch."
- He was watching this movie with his girlfriend.
- He was watching this movie while the Red Sox were playing in the playoffs (whipped?)
- He missed the 1st part of the Red Sox game because he was watching his girlfriend dance.
- I currently have no girlfriend.

So what do you think, is "Fever Pitch" a "chick flick" or what?
Added by JCQ202 (male)
Side 2 says... Please refer to the Wikipedia definition of a chick flick. In summary is a chick flick is "designed to appeal to a female target audience not used for high art, feminist subject matter, or romantic comedies intended for a wider audience (such as the 2005 film Wedding Crashers)." I believe that the latter part of the definition restricts Fever Pitch from being a chick flick.

In case you still are confused, the following items further suggest that Fever Pitch is NOT a chick flick.

1. The directors of Fever Pitch were made famous by movies like Something about Mary and Dumb and Dumber. While all three of these films include romance as a theme, I doubt many people (or guys) consider these movies chick flicks.
2. The DVD cover features the USA Today review stating that Fever Pitch Is "A Grand Slam Comedy."
3. One of the trailers for the movie only shows the guy's passion for the Red Sox. The trailer shows the scene where Ben receives the new season's tickets.
4. The main character is male and the plot revolves around his obsession with the Red Sox

In response to the circumstances of my viewing of Fever Pitch, yes I watched my girlfriend's modern dance performance which lasted a mere 40 minutes. Yes, the Red Sox were playing game two of the division series. However, I saw that the Red Sox had a lead before starting Fever Pitch and the movie finished before the game did, allowing me to witness the Red Sox victory. I think Jeff is just deflecting some of his female relationship frustrations on me by calling this movie a chick flick.

Please help him see the truth.
Added by SoxFan156 (male)
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