I Was Raped By My Step Dad And My Mom Didn't Care

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Side 1 says... My step dad molested me from the time I was 10 until he got me pregnant in 8th grade. I told my mom but she never believed me until then. He got arrested and I got an abortion and when the trial was to start my mom begged me not to testify because if he was in jail he couldn't pay childsupport and that he was a sick man and I refused to take the stand and tell on him and he was let go. He took our cars away and we had to call for A ride home from the court and he left and never paid a dime in child support. I was at my moms house and I found 3 fur coats in her closet and she told me he had his lawyer send them over as an apology to her. An apology ! My innocence was SOLD for three fur coats !! Isn't you mom supposed to protect you?
Added by confusedchild (female)
Side 2 says... Let it go. It's over. He's not raping you anymore. Yes I took the furs coats. It was his way of saying he was sorry. You sure had fun going to Vegas with him and the Bears game in detroit, you didn't seem so sad then ! When the rest of us had no food and he bought you new clothes how did you feel then? You had all the fun and then come crying when you got pregnant !? I've got bible study, book club and three other children to take care of, if you were being molested you should have called the police !!
Added by Goodmother (female)
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