Homework In Schools

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Side 1 says... This idea came from the www.edtechtalk/live conversation in which I participated earlier. The topic was homework. As teachers, we assign homework for a variety of reasons: for practice, for learning something new, to appease parents or administrators, to teach responsibility, etc. My view is that we would be better off without homework all together. The stress it causes on families and students isn't worth it. In addition, teachers would be held accountable for handling the teaching part rather than sending home whatever couldn't be squeezed into the school day. I say, no more homework!
Added by Kolbert (female)
Side 2 says... Homework is a must in today's society There is not enough time to accomplish everything and with the assessment-obsessed time-sucking content being pushed down, we have to have a way for students to get more instructional time. I believe that homework needs to be relevant. But, I say, keep homework but make it meaningful.
Added by Lkolbert (male)
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