Wife Demanded Ritilin For Our Daughter !

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Side 1 says... My daughter was an active exciting child and my wife with no medical training and a teacher with even less decided to over dose my daughter on ritilin ! I fought then, went to all the meetings and was out voted and they said this was the best thing for her and it helps so much. My daughter could barely hold her head up at a xmas recital. I brought other family members to see what they had done to her. and finally the family said NO MORE RITILIN. I said maybe we should give my wife the ritilin and see how she likes being a zombie!
Added by GoodHusband (male)
Side 2 says... The teacher said our daughter may be ADD and possibly ADHD and ritilin would help. I agreed. The dosage was too high and she was a zombie so we stopped it altogether. We always go to the doctor. I am participating in a case study and so is my son ! My husband went on line and read everything there was to know and complained that it was no good and not tested or proven, so he disagreed and said the teacher would rather drug the kids than teach them. I said drug 'em ! The lord will protect my children from all evil !!
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